Camden Valley Wrestling For Adults

“Once you have Wrestled Everything else in life is easy.”

Dan Gable

“Wrestling teaches values that last a lifetime, go far beyond winning or losing, and set the foundation for a rewarding career and success in life. No matter how good you were at wrestling, you will spend most of your life using the values that you learned in wrestling, not the technical skills, There is no sport like wrestling that can teach some incredible life-long values” –John O’Sullivan.

Lifetime Confidence & Strong Self Esteem: When a beginner walks on to the matt to face their opponent, without knowing it, they are being exposed to pressure as an individual with teammates, coaches and spectators all watching them. It is a one on one challenge using their physical ability and their mind. They are learning resilience and work ethic without being aware of it. It is pressure to perform as an individual and on occasions, if not many, they will fail and try again. Then, they may win and win again. They learn to lose, they learn to win and most of all they learn to do this under pressure as an individual.

Through this experience over several years, Wrestling builds and instils a lifetime of confidence and a strong sense of self esteem. Later they will have the ability to stand up for themselves, take charge of their life, work to succeed. For example, a negative social media comment is far less likely to affect someone who has wrestled in dozens, if not hundreds, of wrestling matches with the added pressure of spectators. A wrestler has been through much tougher than words can dish out. They are armed with the ability and confidence to confront and crush any such behaviour and on most occasions simply ignore it as irrelevant and weak.

What other values does wrestling teach?

Accountability, Resilience, Importance of hard work: Teamwork / camaraderie, Good listening skills, Discipline, How to overcome failure, Effort, higher levels of self-esteem.

Wrestling has helped many people to become successful in their careers as workers and as leaders throughout the business world, from corporate executives to billionaires – successful people in all walks of life.

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Gracie Smeaton Grange wrestling classes combine the Olympic sports of Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling. In our wrestling classes you will learn various throws and take downs of this dynamic sport. We employ the same training methods that are used in elite wrestling schools. Wrestling incorporates full body movements to build strength, explosive movement and fitness.

Freestyle Wrestling is a skilled and fast form of grappling, taking opponents to the floor using take downs, throws and grappling. Freestyle wrestling is currently undergoing a revival as many Mixes Martial Arts (MMA) fighters use the single or double leg take downs, giving them an opportunity to put an opponent where needed ready for submission.

Wrestling classes start with a short warm up consisting of exercises that build on wrestling techniques and general stretching. You will then learn a number of wrestling moves. You can expect to learn techniques at an easy pace. During training you may be introduced to many techniques and exercises you have not previously encountered using muscles you thought never existed or have never used before!

Wrestling is a great way to stay fit while having fun! Wrestling is also a non violent self defence art that builds self-control and self-confidence.

commit to health, fitness and self-improvement.

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.

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