Camden valley Boxing

Our Camden Valley Boxing class will focus on the core fundamental techniques and physical attributes of a boxer.

In our classes you will learn the various punching techniques, footwork and being comfortable/confident to deal with punches coming your way.

We employ the same methods that have been used by high level athletes who have fought on the world stage.

Boxing involves full body movements to improve agility, explosiveness, hand eye coordination, confidenceand overall fitness.

Boxing is a skilled form of combat, known as the sweet science. You need to hit and not get hit. With this in mind our class will begin with a warm up that include movements that will prepare your body for the class.

You will then do drills that are boxing specific, these drills will improve your physical attributes in throwing harder/faster punches, defensively sound and footwork to keep you light on your feet.

Boxing is a great way to stay fit while having fun! Boxing is also a martial art that will build confidence, discipline, resilience and self control.

Camden Valley Boxing Rod Whittaker training with coach Brian Doyle

commit to health, fitness and self-improvement.

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.

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