Women and Mums MMA Fitness

Our Women and Mums MMA fitness class is perfect for Women who want to work on their fitness, strengthen & tone up the core muscle groups throughout the whole body and burn calories whilst having fun. All this while learning a thing or two about Mixed Martial Arts from World Class & Internationally acclaimed Instructors that are Professional MMA fighters.

Women and Mums of all ages, weights and abilities are Welcome as ZERO experience is required. We will HELP you achieve your goals in a no pressure encouraging, humble and comfortable environment.

This class will take place in a family friendly environment and within the Luxury Comforts of our large and modern Indoor Facility.

The session will incorporate Mixed Martial Arts movements that will give the participants a whole body workout.

THIS IS A NO CONTACT CLASS that will improve cardio, strength and overall fitness.

WARNING: You may become so super fit & skilful that you end up wanting to try the actual MMA classes in future.

Women and mums mma fitness class

commit to health, fitness and self-improvement.

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.

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